The Sweetness of Sweet Potato Diplomacy

Because this Wednesday cannot be totally wordless… A recent editorial in the online newspaper Taiwan Today detailed Taiwan’s promotion attempt to put the affectionately nick-named “Sweet Potato” on the map: bring Taiwan’s cuisine to the world. Among foodies, Taiwan has long been known as a food-lovers paradise; Andrew Zimmerman of the Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods” … Continue reading The Sweetness of Sweet Potato Diplomacy


That means “Happy Thanksgiving!” in Pinyin. 感恩節! That means “Happy Thanksgiving” in Mandarin. Thanksgiving, for the most part, is a no-go in Taiwan and honestly why in the world it should exist here is just a tad confusing to me. After all, it is a purely American holiday, established by Abe Lincoln way-back-when; a day … Continue reading Ganenjie!