The Sweetness of Sweet Potato Diplomacy

Because this Wednesday cannot be totally wordless… A recent editorial in the online newspaper Taiwan Today detailed Taiwan’s promotion attempt to put the affectionately nick-named “Sweet Potato” on the map: bring Taiwan’s cuisine to the world. Among foodies, Taiwan has long been known as a food-lovers paradise; Andrew Zimmerman of the Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods” … Continue reading The Sweetness of Sweet Potato Diplomacy

我喜歡的中國字 (Chinese Characters I Like)

Tomorrow I have my final exam for Chinese class, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite Chinese characters I have learned throughout the time I’ve been here. Please note, Taiwan uses the traditional Chinese character system; mainland China uses the simplified type, which we all know is the less-than-aesthetic-lazy-cop-out-version of the Chinese writing … Continue reading 我喜歡的中國字 (Chinese Characters I Like)