7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Danielle,

    My name is Alexandra and I really enjoyed sharing your student experience in Taiwan through your blog. Your blog is funny and full of useful tips for people who wants to go to Taiwan, and that’s why I contact you today.

    With some friends in Singapore, I created a 2.0 portal on weekends in South East Asia travel : http://weekend.com.sg/

    Our goal is to simplify the search for weekends in and out of Singapore, with good tips from bloggers. We are not a travel agency, we only improve search for everyone through our search technology.

    We are glad to announce you that your blog has been selected by our travel team to be listed on Weekend.com.sg – which means that you will get visibility on the web through weekend.com.sg as well !

    Please id you can help us to by linking the website or by inserting one on our “Weekend.com.sg” logos on your website , easily available at http://www.weekend.com.sg/badges . That will certainly help positioning your blog as a reference for south east Asia travelers !

    Contact me by mail for any questions

    Good Job Danielle for your Blog and good luck with your studies !



  2. Danielle,

    It’s way late here as I type this and I’m not sure you are still at NCCU? I am applying for a Fulbright and am in the process of affiliating with them.

    I would love to talk about your experience if you have time.




  3. Danielle,

    Did you attend the Chinese Language Center at NCCU? I’m thinking about attending there and was wondering what you thought of it, in terms of level, what they focused on, like conversation, or more read/writing.



    1. Hi Nikko –
      The academics at the undergraduate level were not very rigorous. Master’s-level courses were similar to those you would take at AU. It is super easy to get into downtown Taipei from NCCU. Hop a bus and/or take the MRT. I didn’t have “lots” of time to travel, though I did have ample and I definitely saw a large amount of the country during my year spent there. I know other international students who made their schedules work (or who had very lenient professors) so that they were traveling around Taiwan almost constantly. I would recommend a healthy balance; you are going abroad to STUDY abroad. 🙂


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