In Touch with Taiwan

How does one continue to live out their study abroad experience in Taiwan two years later?

It has been two years.
I cannot believe it either.)

With the Taiwan Alumni Association of Greater DC!

Excuses aside, I did mean to announce this organization more than a year ago (see slight hint in post A Belated 新年快樂!!!), but better late than never, right?

To this day I continue to receive wonderful emails and comments on the blog from readers planning to study at NCCU or travel Taiwan. Please, keep them coming!

Which is also why I think you may be very interested in what us DC-based folks have in the works…

The Taiwan Alumni Association of Greater DC was created by a group of university students, of which I was one of, who had studied abroad in Taiwan. With the support of the Taipei Economic Cooperation Representative Office (TECRO, aka Taiwan’s pseudo-embassy), we:

-Connect prospective and returned study abroad students in the Washington, DC area
-Provide information about living in Taiwan
-Host networking, social, and professional development events in DC and Taipei for members
-Support students in pre-departure and re-entry transitions
-Offer blogging opportunities for students
-Talk about Taiwan all day (and other things)

Some highlights of our programming thus far include two highly successful visits to Twin Oaks Estate, the largest privately owned estate in DC , gatherings at the DC Dragon Boat Festival, as well as our winter-semester closing dim sum party at Tony Cheng’s.  We were very lucky to have had the opportunity—twice!—to tour Twin Oaks, which is only open per invitation. You can view pictures of our trip here:

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits to participating in TAADC is the unique networking opportunities. Our members represent American University, Catholic University, George Mason University, Georgetown University, George Washington University, and University of Maryland. In addition, we will be partnering with other DC-area professional associations and Meetup groups with interest in Taiwan.

If you are interested in participating and becoming a member, please contact us and check out our website, and Facebook page: for  more information. We are also looking for some well-organized and creative minds to help continue to run the show.

For me, TAADC remains my main lifeline to Taiwan. That I can actively engage with the Taiwanese community and larger study abroad community here at home is unique. Though I am thousands of miles away from Taiwan, and already for years elapsed, through TAADC I can meaningfully further my own overseas experience, continue to build connections to the island, and have an outlet to persistently share.

About Danielle Sleeper
Passionate about facilitating international cross-cultural exchange, enabling others to effectively communicate and understand the world.

One Response to In Touch with Taiwan

  1. Jade Star says:

    Hi Danielle. The TAADC sounds like a really awesome organization. I’m a Taiwan interest blogger who’s always super interested in learning more about how people outside Taiwan maintain their “lifeline” to the island. I would absolutely love to hear more about your story. (Email me when you get a chance ~!)

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