A Belated 新年快樂!!!

火鍋 for some very hungry people

Aaaaand we’re back in business!!!!** I’m temporarily emerging from the blogosphere-graveyard that is university life to bring you some Taiwan-related cheer. Last weekend I spent a very lovely night with some of my best friends at AU since freshman year to celebrate Chinese New Year. We gorged on liberal amounts of hot pot with many cuts of meat, fried tofu, mushrooms, veggies and fish balls. Yum. Followed nontraditionally by some freshly fried yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmTURONyummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

Only ninjas can make a proper turon

And of course some general festive libations. My great friend, Carl, whom I’ve introduced before, was in attendance as well. It was great to reconnect with friends from all over while also enjoying the food I miss so much from Taiwan.

Later that same weekend, I also had the honor of being able to attend a large banquet sponsored by TECRO that brought together many of the Taiwanese Student Associations (TSA) from DC universities and generally important Taiwanese people in the DC community. There were some pretty funny performances and interesting people to meet. Ironically, though, the banquet was held at a Cantonese restaurant…er…Next time I vote Bob’s Noodle.

Finally, there is a new association in the works now that I am not sure I am quite at liberty to start publicizing at the moment, BUT it is exciting, has to do with Taiwan and DC (two of my very favorite places), and offers the opportunity to collaborate with many students in the DC area. Hopefully I will be able to expand more on that later.

In the meantime, happy year of the rabbit!


**That is an indefinite promise



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Passionate about facilitating international cross-cultural exchange, enabling others to effectively communicate and understand the world.

2 Responses to A Belated 新年快樂!!!

  1. Hey Danielle! I’m back in Taiwan, it’s my 3rd day now :) I’m already going to a night market every evening, hehe.. it’s tons of fun! :) Happy for you to have the chance and eat some delicious Taiwanese food. I wish you a happy rabbit year and hopefully you’ll blog more, I miss your posts :)

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