A little More Asian

7 thoughts on “A little More Asian”

  1. Wow, so great. You’re really having a blast in the last days, huh? Funny, my girlfriend went to the same ice cream shop few days ago and told me about the crazy flavors. I think I’d love to try the pig feet just to have something to blog about :)~

    Have fun in Tainan and all the other places. What will happen to your blog after you return to USA?


  2. The Peking duck place is actually pretty good… although it’s not restaurant quality, you can’t complain about the price! As for hand shaved noodles, I can’t say this enough… 良品 on 開封街 is absolutely remarkable. If you held a gun to my head and made me pick the last place I’d eat in Taiwan, it’d be there.


  3. kafka@ thanks! as it appears, i don’t think i will be doing any more major traveling around taiwan since i’m running short on the $$. and since the skies seem to prefer to rain all weekend, i think i’ll probably just spend the last week getting fat on all those foods i still have yet to try. i haven’t decided yet what i will do with the blog after i return back to DC, but i do want to continue blogging. any ideas would be appreciated! 🙂

    nicholas@ my original plan was to go get that duck and bring it for a picnic in the 228 memorial park; there was a jazz festival there this weekend. rain cancelled those plans unfortunately, so instead i took your cue, slogged my way across town and checked out the shaved noodles and 蔥油餅 at the place on yongkang street. so happy i did! if i’m in the taipei main area later this week i’ll go stop in the other place you just mentioned. thanks!


  4. I realized though, that I hadn’t commented on your blog yet, and that seemed like it was on my to-do list before you come home.

    I love it! I’m glad you’re exploring and doing lots of exciting things in your last week.

    But… I am SO excited to see you.


  5. ah, I love 雪王!! how was the corn flavor? i never tried any of the strange flavors…only heard that they’re not very special haha. enjoy your last week in Taiwan!!


  6. rek@i love you and will be seeing you in threeeee daysss!!!!!!
    lin@haha thanks! the corn was 不錯; the flavor wasn’t as strong as the others, but i enjoyed the real corn kernels in the ice cream. i think my favorite though was the sweet rice wine.


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