Mental Vacation

5 thoughts on “Mental Vacation”

    1. cool! i just got back from a short vacation and am spending the day in starbucks for AC if you feel like a chat. hope the move-in was smooth!


  1. Hi! seems like a wonderful trip!
    But what did the trip cost you in total?
    Hotel + flight (+ food and stuff)
    Im going to Taipei 27 august, to study in NCCU.
    Kind regards Oliver from Sweden.


    1. Thanks, Oliver. It really was! We took multiple flights from Taipei to Manila and then throughout the Philippines, so in total it was about $6000NT + hotels $4200NT + other randomness $3000NT …grand total…about $13,000NT or just about $400US. Mind you, I was treated to a lot of meals and accommodations by a friend, so that doesn’t take into account the true whole expense.
      You can usually find really good deals on flights at Again, if you go I would recommend just going straight to the beaches and skip the city.
      Good luck at NCCU! Let me know if you have any questions regarding the school 🙂 Cheers.


  2. Thanks for your advice.
    Hope I will have a great time in Taiwan. I will be there til the middle of january with 2 swedish friends.
    We will study at the college of commerce and plan to visit beautiful places near taiwan, like Phillipines, Vietnam and Cambodja.

    We’ll see.
    Thanks again!
    Kind regards Oliver


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