The Shopping Guide: Taipei

5 thoughts on “The Shopping Guide: Taipei”

  1. For furniture I also recommend Xiamen street near to Wenchang street that you listed, for cheaper second-hand furniture. Some stores restore and clean the furniture and they become as good as new, and for student or people who are going to stay 1-2 years, buying new furniture is a waste, and you can also resell when moving.


    1. Thanks for your comment, berrinsun! I’ve been out of Taipei for a couple of years now, but I know people still use my blog for finding information on living there — it’s important that others contribute their thoughts and insider knowledge!


  2. As far as tattoos are concerned in Taipei, there is a shop in RaoHe Night Market called FongGe Tattoo. I got a tattooed there, and compared to work I have seen from other shops around the city, it is far superior. The leading tattoo artist there apparently has tattooed in Taiwan for 30 years and taught over 50 of the present tattoo artists around the country. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else in the city, especially if you are looking for colour work. As well, they have a Canadian tattoo artist in the shop (English and Chinese speaking) who did my tattoo work and he handles the tattoo gun like a surgeon. Highly recommend!

    I found their Facebook if anyone is looking for a safe place to get tattooed in Taipei.


  3. Would like to know what interest place and shopping mall will you recommend for a family who only left 8 hrs in Taipei before flying back to Singapore? Thanks


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