I am the Egg

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    1. Thanks, bottleofbeans! I’ve gotten lazy with the blog, I know, but hopefully I will find the motivation to post more soon.
      Awesome that you’re in Jiangyin! When I was there, there were only six other foreigners that I knew personally. The rest seemed to be a whole lot of older German guys that work in the shipyards…if you haven’t met them already, you can surely find them any day, any night at HB (the rather expensive German brewery and perhaps only real foreign restaurant in the city) with their young Chinese girlfriends 😉
      Advice for living in Jiangyin? Hmmm…
      -Travel…a lot. Haha Jiangyin gets very small very quickly.
      -Go to the parks, specifically HuaShan Park (I think that’s it’s name). There is a big man-made lake with light shows ala Las Vegas on some Friday and Saturday nights. Pleasant place to walk around and the most lively place in the city after work hours. There is also a nice bar/restaurant with outside seating in the middle of the lake.
      -Try to learn as much Chinese as you can. Get a student to help you.
      -Places to eat:
      -Da Niang Shui Jiao (Literally, “Great Grandmother Dumpling,” These are all over the place, seemingly at every bus station in China, and on every other street in Jiangyin. The steamed dumplings are great; skip the soup dumplings “xiao long bao.”)
      -QingGuo Lu/Street…This isn’t a restaurant, but rather a street of restaurants that are all pretty good. You’ve been here already, I’m sure. It’s on one end of Walking Street and decorated with Chinese lanterns. Two places specifically to try on this street: TsingTao Restaurant (I don’t think this is the actual name of the restaurant, but that’s what we called it because it’s the only one that sells the TsingTao Beer on tap) and the tiny Xiao Long Bao shop (Only open until 5pm. You can order freshly wrapped and steamed xiao long bao by groups of 3; ie: order 4 groups (so 12 dumplings total) and that makes a pretty good meal)).
      -Bao.zi stands. Also small hole-in-the-wall shops that sell steamed buns filled with your choice of pork, beef, vegetables, tofu. It’s the cheapest and most filling meal you can get.
      -Ajisen Ramen. This is a “Japanese-style” ramen shop in the department store across from Walking Street. For a “splurge” 😛
      -Teahouse Buffet restaurant next to Web International English School. The food isn’t great, but it’s beautiful inside and the tea is wonderful. Free wireless internet as well. Free all-you-can eat buffet included with purchase of any drink.
      -Don’t go to 100 Boiling. It’s a “club” in Jiangyin that all the other locals kept wanting to take me to, but it’s mostly a place that plays really loud Britney Spears music with a lot of Chinese people drinking green tea with whiskey and passing out around 11pm.
      – I was there in the summer, so I’m sure the weather is much different now. However, when I was there it was unbearably unbearably hot and humid every day. Stay indoors as much as possible.
      -Get a massage…just a massage.
      -Don’t wear a green hat.

      Wow that was long. If there’s any other random thing you’d ever like to know, feel free to send me a message.
      Good luck and I hope you enjoy your stay!


    1. Hmm…I wonder if I should tell you or let you try to find out for yourself 🙂 Shameful little devil on my shoulder!

      If a man wears a green hat, that means he’s a cuckold: his wife or girlfriend is cheating on him. I’m sorry, can’t quite recall the story behind why the green hat symbolizes that, but as it is….One of the foreign teachers at my school in Jiangyin wore one every so often just because he thought he was being cute. The students thought otherwise…


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